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Quantbase makes it simple to turn your investment research/data into a strategy for your audience to invest in.
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Turn your strategy into an investment vehicle
We work with you to build a quantitative strategy from your investment research and data to turn it into a vehicle your audience can invest in - at no cost to you.
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You get a custom landing page for your strategies, where your audience will come to invest in your strategies and begin their journey on Quantbase.
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Launch your strategy to your audience
From your partner dashboard, you can manage subscriptions, pricing, branding, and communication while earning recurring revenue and increase retention and engagement with your audience.
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Investors in your strategy have full brokerage functionality: transfer funds, dashboard of holdings and performance, statements, and tax documents. Our feature-rich experience keeps investors engaged and invested for the long-term.
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FDIC-insured cash, SIPC-insured securities
Partner Strategies
A few strategies from partners we've made investable on Quantbase
Quiver Congress Buys
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Inverse Jim Cramer
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Austin Hankwitz Dividend Growth
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Frequently asked questions
Some Quantbase basics for you and your audience
How does Quantbase work?
We work with you to build an investable vehicle from your current investment research/data. You then launch that strategy to your audience, charging a per-user subscription fee of your choosing.
How much does Quantbase cost?
Quantbase is free for partners to launch a strategy with us. We charge a 1% AUM fee to users who invest on the platform, and take a small cut of the subscription fees you charge.
How will my audience experience Quantbase?
Just like the experience you'd have with a typical brokerage, like Vanguard, Fidelity, or Wealthfront. We connect with users’ bank/investment accounts, handle automatic rebalancing of funds that they invest in, showcase returns in their dashboard, and generate periodic returns. Investing in your strategies on Quantbase will feel just like investing in an index fund.
Do I need to be a registered adviser?
Most partners we work with are designated Promoters under the SEC new marketing rule, which are individual(s) providing testimonials and/or endorsements of the service. Promoters are usually not required to be registered as investment advisers,but will need to disclose conflicts of interest when they act in their role as a Promoter. We'll work with you closely on this end.
Is Quantbase a fund manager?
No. Quantbase is an SEC-registered investment adviser, which means that we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. This means every client gets a recommended allocation into a number of strategies on Quantbase when they sign up, based on their unique risk profile and investment goals.
Where is my capital held?
Quantbase partners with Alpaca Securities LLC as our broker and custodian. All cash balances are FDIC-insured, and all investments are SIPC-insured through Alpaca. We manage client assets, while Alpaca holds the assets and executes the trades.
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How do you handle taxes?
We send you and your audience the tax documents you’ll need annually and at your request.
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Your strategy on Quantbase
Annual return
Risk score
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