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Invest in high-risk, high-upside indexes and algorithms to supercharge your capital growth.
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The power of a hedge fund in the palm of your hand.
Automated investment portfolios developed by hedge fund professionals, personalized for you, with transparent performance data.
A comprehensive investor experience: deep analytics and data-driven recommendations to optimize your total portfolio.
Investments are secured with bank-grade encryption, SIPC-insured, with no lock-ups, and you can start with just $50.
We're the real deal.
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High-risk investments have large impacts
Investing your capital in high-risk funds can result in 2x the gains when compared to market standard returns (S&P 500) over a 13 year period. For you, this could mean an earlier (or bigger) retirement, covering major purchases, or finishing off debt.
Our most popular strategies
Quantbase Leverage Flagship
% ann. return
Crypto Blue Chip Fund
% ann. return
Nancy Pelosi Tracker
% ann. return
With Quantbase funds:
Quantbase Leveraged Flagship Fund
Crypto Bluechip Fund
Nancy Pelosi Tracker
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Our algorithmic investing strategies
High-risk funds offset short-term volatility with higher long term returns. This isn't 'high frequency trading', these are long-term algorithmic strategies backed by decades of transparent data.
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Sit back and relax - these automated portfolios are designed to maximize your returns in an array of market environments.
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Alan A
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Our founders & team
We're finance and technology experts, bringing together a wealth of experience from places like Goldman Sachs, Google, Reddit, OpenSea, AQR, UVA, and Wharton.
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