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Quantbase joins Y combinator for the W23 batch
Y Combinator
Quantbase (YC W23) makes it simple to turn your investment research/data into an investing strategy. They build, run, and manage these strategies, allowing partners to focus on growing their base.
Quantbase Democratizes High-Risk Investing For The $14 Trillion Retail Trading Industry
More investors are looking to put their money into higher-risk investments to make their fortune, but few can do so in an intelligent manner that isn’t time-consuming. Thomas Stewart and Som Mohapatra want to provide access to these high-risk assets through Quantbase.
NYC-based Quantbase raises $500k pre-seed to make smart high-risk investing effortless
Quantbase has secured $500k in pre-seed funding to make high-risk investing easy, through automated portfolios for everything high-risk, with buttoned-up quant hedge fund strategies on one end and crypto indices on the other, peppered with mass appeal strategies like the Nancy Pelosi tracker and Inverse Cramer index.
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We offer several long-term quantitative investing strategies backed by decades of transparent data.
RoundlyX Global Arms Race and Conflict Fund
Quantbase Leverage Flagship
Risk score
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RoundlyX Global Arms Race and Conflict Fund
Quantbase Crisis Flagship
Risk score
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View backtest, disclosures and methodology
RoundlyX Global Arms Race and Conflict Fund
Quantbase Social Media Flagship
Risk score
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View backtest, disclosures and methodology
Just invested money with @quantbase_ because I'm done losing money with $HOOD
Saleh H
@quantbase_ lets me buy ETFs of super interesting assets & strategies (social media sentiment, etc.) Hedge funds being democratized - bout time
Ed R
Currently plowing my entire networth into @quantbase_ inverse Cramer fund 📉📈
Alan A
Testimonials above are from current Quantbase clients. Quantbase has no other material relationship with these clients and provided no compensation for these testimonials. Endorsements below are from media outlets and do not reflect the opinions of Quantbase. Quantbase has no material relationship with these media outlets and provided no compensation for these endorsements.
"[Quantbase] is carving out a niche for itself in the high-risk space."
"Quantbase aims to make high-risk ... investable across the board"
"[Quantbase] aims to standardize the alternative space"
Our founders
We're a team of engineers and investors who have built and invested in quantitative trading strategies for almost a decade. We're passionate about making quantitative investing accessible to everyone and put our money where our mouth is.
Thomas Stewart
35% of portfolio invested
Som Mohapatra
60% of portfolio invested
Allen Calderwood
32% of portfolio invested
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