Portfolio History Tool

We built a portfolio backtesting tool to allow you to view historical data for any selected stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs, based on entry date. You can construct a portfolio by inputting the asset's ticker, the date upon which the asset is entered into the portfolio, and the percentage of the portfolio that the asset comprises. This tool has 5+ years of data available by default, but more can be configured upon request. Use this backtester when you have a list of portfolio selections, and a list of dates to backtest them against, a scenario that is not easily done on other popular tools like Portfolio Visualizer and QuantConnect. You can even use this tool to fact-check historical data on Quantbase's portfolios. You can compare up to twenty different assets across asset classes. To correctly use this to test your investment portfolio, please note that every new date incorporated in the backtest constitutes a fresh rebalance. Please note that this tool is currently in beta. We welcome feedback.