Equity Portfolio Backtester (Beta)
View historical performance of any stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Add assets to your portfolio by entering their ticker symbol and purchase date. Then, select the percent allocation for each asset (should add up to 100).

The backtester assumes a $100,000 total investment in the portfolio. You can compare up to twenty different assets across asset classes. To correctly use this to test your investment portfolio, please note that every new date incorporated in the backtest constitutes a fresh rebalance.

This backtester is in beta. If you have any questions or feature requests please send us an email at hello@getquantbase.com

How to use:

AAPL, 01/01/2022, 40%
MSFT, 01/01/2022, 10%
PVH, 01/01/2022, 15%
SPY, 01/01/2022, 35%

AAPL, 03/01/2022, 50%
AMZN, 03/01/2022, 50%

GME, 03/13/2022, 10%
SPY, 03/13/2022, 30%
F, 03/13/2022, 30%
ARKK, 03/13/2022, 30%

This will show the returns of a portfolio that invested in AAPL, MSFT, PVH, and SPY in January 2022. then rebalanced into AAPL and AMZN in March, then rebalanced into GME, SPY, F, and ARKK later in March. Best used with strategies that use esoteric or alternative datasets.