Nancy Pelosi Tracker
A fund that follows Rep. Pelosi's publicly visible equity exposure. Automatically rebalanced as her public accounts change.
*Vertical reference line denotes the end of simulated backtest data and the start of live performance data.
** Performance data is calculated using the average returns of all accounts with more than $100 invested in this strategy.
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The STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama. This bill prohibited members of Congress (and certain related individuals) from using information gathered through their position for personal benefit.
Key Considerations
Yeah we've seen the Pelosi Capital Management memes
The data that powers this portfolio comes from the United States House/Senate Financial Disclosure Forms and Reports. As you'll see in the data, we're not told the exact amount of the purchase/sale of the assets, but rather a range. We take an educated guess, guided by a number of factors. The top three are the tightness of the range, her current exposure to the stock, and the amount of trading she's done around the time of that purchase/sale
There's a 45 day buffer period allowed before a disclosure is required of any Rep/Senator under the STOCK Act
A person's status as a government representative does not inherently correlate with above-market returns. Per the STOCK Act, members of Congress are required to file reports disclosing securities transactions within 45 days after the trade takes place, but this delay means that this tracking fund can not immediately correlate with any Congressional member's portfolio.